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A to Z Building Solution

Single Story Residential Home

At Just-West Pvt Ltd. we offer a wide range of convenient and affordable single-storey homes to suit your needs. Our designs suit your style and budget. Whether or not it is your first or second home, your investment for a comfortable living will be worth it. Our dedicated team members put their heart and soul to build a single-storey design that you can call home.

Double Story Residential Home

Be it narrow, or square; we build and design double storey homes that suit your lifestyle. We formulate innovative designs based on the space of rooms, staircase, portico, and patio based on the requirements and preference of you and your family.

Duplex Project

We take pride in offering exceptional and innovative home designs for the luxury, ecstasy, and comfort you need. Our team of experienced duplex designers builds designs with excellent facades, maximized floor space ratio, and dual occupancies for cost-effectiveness. Whether you plan to sell, live, or rent out; our duplex project designs are made with effective strategies to fit all purposes.

Town Houses

If you're looking for a low-maintenance housing solution suitable to your lifestyle, a townhouse will be the perfect choice for you. You can benefit from the lower maintenance and upkeep costs of a smaller block of land. Just-West Pvt Ltd. makes it easy for you by focusing on maximizing the yield of the land and creating designs that sell out fast. Our efficient construction and residential design team make secure home and comfortable designs that are cost-effective.

We Offer Different Locations to Build Your Dream Home

This information helps us show you the home designs, display centres, and packages that are most relevant to you.

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